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As a future-oriented company, we see it as our duty to act sustainably and thus to assume social responsibility. This ranges from suppliers to employees and our customers. Our aim is therefore to make all our operational activities socially, ecologically and at the same time economically compatible. Implementing these activities in our corporate strategy is a demanding goal, which we want to integrate more and more into our processes through responsible production and the careful use of natural resources and the environment. Therefore, we are constantly working on optimizing our operating processes along the entire supply chain, formulating solutions and implementing short-term and

long-term goals.

ökologische Verantwortung


Producing sustainable clothing is a challenge. That's why we are continuously developing new ways of doing justice to the environment. Our work consists of making the processes along the value chain as sustainable as possible. Step by step we want to look towards a greener future. 


Sustainable resources - environmentally friendly production

As far as possible, we use qualities such as Organic Cotton (GOTS, OCS), LENZING™ ECOVERO™, recycled polyester in all our products.


This label is one of the world's best known for textiles tested for harmful substances. 80% of our suppliers source their textiles, including the finishing, according to this standard. We are already in dialogue with the remaining 20%.

REACH Verordnung.jpg


The REACH - Regulation is the European Chemicals Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. Through washing, dyeing and finishing processes, textile production involves risks of contamination of water, soil and air. It can also affect human health. We therefore comply with the REACH regulation. This regulates how chemicals may be used in the EU and under what conditions companies may import chemical substances into the European market. REACH stands for: "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, Restriction" Our suppliers comply with all legal requirements and limits. 

Material of animal origin

The considerate treatment of animals is naturally part of our corporate philosophy. We want to produce collections that do not make animals suffer. For this reason we do not use raw materials such as

down, angora and fur. Our wool used is holistically mulesing free.


In order to save CO2 emissions, air freight transport is largely carried out using alternative ways of transport methods, such as the new Silk Road.


Packing and shipping


The topic of packaging and shipping is probably the most discussed topic and part of a continuous process optimization in our company. To this day, there is still no perfect substitute for packaging products in film. They must continue to be individually packaged to protect them from external influences. The packaging industry is working under high pressure on this topic. We are in constant dialogue with them. 

We are always open for ideas: We welcome new input and suggestions for solutions!

Important aspects of this topic have already been implemented: 


  • The thickness of the foils used has been reduced by 20%.

  • All PE foils used at our company headquarters are further processed by a regional recycling centre 

  • Our packaging waste is licensed by Noventiz and therefore listed in the Lucid register of residents

  • For the packaging, paper inserts are now used instead of foam

  • For the transport of the collections to showrooms and events setzen was changed from PE foil to reusable garment bags

  • Our cardboard boxes made of recycled raw materials are adapted in size to the delivery quantity

  • We do not use extra inserted foil in cartons of deliveries from our manufacturers

  • We avoid unnecessary labels on the goods to save resources.


Printed matter

We use Blue Angel certified recycled paper for all internal print products. In order to save resources here too, our employees are encouraged to avoid printing that is not urgently needed. 

Green electricity and district heating

We draw 100% green electricity!

Our corporate headquarters is heated with district heating and, where possible, is equipped with climate-neutral LED lighting. The showroom in Düsseldorf is equipped with climate-neutral LED light.

Electric filling station for cars & e-bikes

In the parking lot of the Factory Store, our customers, no matter whether they are driving a car or an e-bike, refuel free of charge at our in-house electric filling station. Naturally 100% green electricity!


Wild flower meadow


Bees and other important insects find a new habitat on our wild flower meadow. Our green areas are watered from our own cistern.

soziale Verantwortung


The VIA APPIA Mode GmbH company values loyalty. Our employees and many of our suppliers and production partners are practically family to us. We have been working with many of them for decades. This is another reason why our relationships are characterised by trust and form the basis for our actions.

amfori BSCI Standards

All of our suppliers represent the amfori BSCI standards (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The aim of these standards is to improve social performance in global supply chains through 11 principles to be observed.


The Code of Conduct includes the following principles: 


1. Right of association and the right to collective bargaining 

2. No discrimination 

3. Appropriate remuneration 

4. Reasonable working hours 

5. Industrial safety 

6. No child labour 

7. Special protection for young workers

8. No precarious employment 

9. No forced labour 

10. Environmental protection 

11. Ethical management 

more information...



For the production of jeans we generally do not use the sandblasting process. 

Our employees

Sustainable management is only possible with satisfied employees. The health and satisfaction of our employees is very important to us. Therefore, fresh seasonal fruit is offered in our offices every day. Each employee has his or her own glass bottle and can fill his or her own filtered tap water.

Obst für Mitarbeiter.jpg


We plan our business trips very consciously and have made adjustments to our personal travel behavior.

Within Germany, we avoid flights and switch to rail wherever possible.

gesellschaftliches Engagement


Sustainability also implies commitment to society. This is why social commitment is a major concern for us. As a company rooted in Franconia, we support projects and institutions in the region as well as across national borders. 

Support for the regional cultural theatre Fifty Fifty

The fifty-fifty is a stage that stands out for its extraordinary flair and incorruptible charm. Located in the heart of Erlangen, the theatre stage makes an important contribution to the cultural diversity of the city.

Fifty Fifty.png

Disposal of unsold products

Unsold products are neither thrown away nor destroyed by us. Goods that are not sold at full price are offered at reduced prices in our Factory Store. Several times a year, we give them another chance in stock sales and promotions. All products that are left over at the end of the year we have been donating to charitable causes such as: Kaleb e.V. 

Sponsorship via Plan International

For many years, we have been supporting a child through Plan International and would like to give him or her the chance for a self-determined childhood and a better future.

Support for the Tafel Erlangen


For every bag that we give out to our customers in our Factory Store, a small donation goes to the Tafel Erlangen and can thus make a difference.

Logo_Tafel Erlangen.jpg

Project "Refill Water"


To avoid plastic waste we are part of the Germany-wide project „Refill Water“. This means that in our Factory Store, water can always be refilled free of charge in bottles brought along.  

Copyright: Refill Deutschland 

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